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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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loved ones gathered at the scene shocked and devastated by their sunday loss. >> it's heartbreaking. >> did not know the victims but lives in the area and said this road is dangerous. >> it's a road where people have the tendency to go very fast. >> police won't say what cause it had collision. what happened to the second car or if speed was a factor, but this morning, they did ask the public for help. >> we do have one person of interest that we are looking for. his name is paul diaz. >> diaz turned himself in shortly after 1:30 this afternoon. he's now in police custody. colma is home to 17 cemeteries sprawling across almost three quarters of town, including a pet cemetery feet away from the accident scene. >> sadly ironic that this happened on the holiday right next to the cemetery where it's foggy and rainy but, yeah, i think it adds to the grief.
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>> in colma, kpix 5. >> just in the last hour, we've learned that paul diaz was the driver of the mustang with the three victims who died. he's been booked into san mateo county jail on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run. a second car, a honda, was also involved in the crash. that driver is cooperating with investigators. another nasty accident to tell you about. take a look at what's left of this car found near white road in san jose. the two teenagers inside were seriously hurt after crashing into a tree. as you can see there, the whole front of that car crumple ld, was pushed into where the front seats should be. authorities are checking to see whether alcohol was a factor in that crash. the chp is out looking for drunk drivers in full force. kpix 5's linda yee tells us about their efforts to crack down. linda. >> well, allen, the highway patrol and local police in all nine bay area counties are having what they call saturation
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patrol. they are on the lookout for all unsafe drivers. this has been a deadly holiday weekend. one woman was killed, ten others on a party bus were injured on highway 101 near burlingame. the highway patrol suspects the driver of a honda had been drinking earlier. he hit the center divider causing a series of crashes. this officers say this memorial day weekend, the emphasis has been on dui arrests. >> primarily out there looking for drunk drivers. that's our main goal. every stop is a check for a drunk driver. >> so far the number of fatal accident this is holiday is up compare today last year, but arrests for duis are slightly down. statewide, there were 13 fatal accidents. the number of drunk-driving arrests, more than 1100. for the bay area, there were two fatal collisions compare today one last year.
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165 arrests for driving while drinking, 166 last year. officers say they have heard all the excuses. >> they generally think that they haven't had that much. most people just tell me they've had a couple drinks, but a couple drinks is usually enough to impair a person. >> now, highway patrol officers say the reason why they're see sog many fatalities, drivers are going too fast, they're too distracted. they say they can spend the entire day writing tickets for people who are on their cell phones. allen. >> yeah. combined with a little wet weather like we see you're standing in, it's trouble. >> right. >> all right. >> the roads are slick. >> they are. slow down and be careful. >> yeah. >> thanks. it was a day for remembrance in the bay area today. the ceremony at the precid owe in san francisco marked the 60th ang anniversary of the end of the korean war and paid special
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tribute to several world war ii veterans. recognized for his work as the commander of the american legion post 44. >> thank you for your great service and on behalf of secretary hagel, i'd like to present you with a coin commemorating the 60th anniversary of the korean war and a flag which has been flown over the pentagon. thank you, sir. >> as one of the largest memorial daivents in the nation, the precid owe ceremony regularly draws more than 2500 people. >> city of danville also honored fallen veterans. a memorial at oak hill park included entertainment and guest speakers. a veteran who won this country's highest military honor says days like today are important for
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other veterans. >> it opens the doors for a lot of soldiers that go, oh, they don't really care anymore and they come to an event like this, and it opens them up a little bit. >> today's ceremony was organized by the vietnam veterans of diablo valley. >> not a disting you want, but san jose lead it is bay area in number of dead in iraq and afghanistan. kpix 5's lyn ramirez on the story of two of their families. lyn. >> well, allen, you can see the many gravestones on top of the many flags here at oak hill memorial park san jose sons and daughters have always proudly served, many of them paying the ultimate sack fieshgs and it is no different with our most recent military conflicts. >> for america and for all americans when it counted most so we must stand tall for them
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today. . >> a marine honor guard placed wreaths at a monument to american war dead. >> we're not the last mothers that will go through this. there are mothers that come after us just like there were mothers before us who have lost their children who have sacrificed their life. >> jerrold washgslsh both lost sons in america's latest and longest-running wars, iraq and afghanistan. sean walsh was killed in afghanistan in 2011 and carlos lost his life in iraq in 2007. >> my son died in iraq for sacrifice for every people in the united states. it's very hard for me.
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>> walsh and gilarasco are two of the 14 service members in san jose who died in iraq and afghanistan. it's the highest total in the bay area and third highest in california. >> i'm not really surprised that san jose has such a high number. a lot of them come from a legacy of serving in the military. i think that's part of it. >>. >> and that legacy of service to america continues to this day here in san jose. you see the many flags that have been put here at oak hill memorial park, many of them put by local cub scouts and girl scouts and boy scouts. they spent the past doing this and will stay up to about a week to honor the war dead here in san jose. reporting live, lyn ramirez, kpix 5. president obama led the memorial day ceremony at arlington national cemetery. the president placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and honored all americans who have served and continue to serve our country.
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world war ii veterans were among those paying tribute to their fellow soldiers. >> this is just outstanding and very emotional for me because i have so many friends who passed away in world war ii. >> thousands of people watched the annual parade in washington dc, an event televised for troops all around the world. the vietnam memorial also drew crowds honoring the nearly 60 thousand who died during that war. well, memorial day around the bay area brought clouds and rain drops, an ominous-looking sky this afternoon. that led to light showers falling on windshields in walnut creek. pretty much the same story in the south bay where joggers faced rain drops and puddles. chief meteorologist giving the high-def doppler a late-season workout. >> often we're done with the rain fall until object october/november but not this year. for the first time in 15 years we have widespread light rain on memorial day. most of the rain fall has wrapd up. that is live picture. now, let's go in time lapse
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mode. we had a decent slug of moisture move through. some of you saw calm hundred dretds of inch of rain fall. any day is noteworthy. we're not going to break any records but 200ths of an inch, 1, 100th of an inch of raven fall for concord. the bigger story is how chilly, breezy and how cloudy it is outside. loofks more lieshg seattle than it does san jose. the rain fall is winding down. look at all that cloud cover off to our west that will continue to pile in this evening. overnight tonight future cast paint ago cloudy picture and even ae sprinkle or two is possible until about 9:00 tomorrow morning. now, we're cloudy and cool now. wait till you see the forecast, find out where we're going to hit 90 geb coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. . well, a deadly night in san jose. what police are saying about the three people killed in a three-hour span. and not what you want to see on your vacation. this fire proved to be a royal
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pain for passengers aboard a royal caribbean cruze liner. and honoring our fallen soldiers, our memorial day coverage continues from the east bay. that's just ahead. ,,
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teenage boys. san jose police confirm the . three homicides overnight in san jose within a three-hour time span. two of the people killed were teenage boys. san jose police confirmed that the teenagers were found shot about 6:30 last night on reinhart and clogs tonn. pretty close to large shopping center in east san jose. one died at the intersection, the other one pronounced dead at the hospital. so far no arrest and no motive for the shootings. yesterday evening after 10:00, a third man was found shot on hayes avenue in the city's south side. he died before they could rush him to the hospital. police are not releasing any names yet. the three shootings brings san jose's homicide count this year to 19. well, they thought they were going to wake up in the bahamas but more than 2,000 passengers
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aboard a cruze ship spernt the night in life jackets on deck because of an early-morning fire. someone on board took this cell phone video of passengers panicking. no one was injured. >> we were basically shoulder to shoulder with a ton of people who were just as terrified as we were, and we didn't know what was going on for about a half hour when they made an announcement that there was a fire. >> the ship set sail on friday. the rest of the trip is cancelled. the cruise line is arranging flights for all the guests to fly back to baltimore tomorrow. well, one san francisco family said it was like walking through a portapotty. how they finally got a fix for their neighborhood's stinky sewage situation. >> when i found it i just sat down and start krieg and they all got around me and prayed for me that i found it.
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>> it was an indeed an unexpected find for a man who lost everything in the oklahoma tornado. ,,,,,, (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (male announcer) break the monotony. visit
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firefighters knocked down a single alarm house fire in e city's glen park neighborho. this is video from the scen joost avenue . san francisco firefighters knocked down a single-alarm house fire in the city's glen park neighborhood. this is video from the scene on juice avenue near baden street. fire officials say they were called at around 3:00 this afternoon and had it under control in less than an hour. a firefighter suffered a minor ankle injury. it has been a bit stinky in
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one san francisco neighborhood, and that's putting it mildly. kpix 5's julie wauts tells us neighbors are taking to social media to let everybody know about this nasty sewage leak. >> stinky. it's like a portapotty. >> jenny, her son jack and many of their neighbors have been walking through raw sewage since december. >> it gushes. >> as seen on they are twitter league, the intermittent raw sue saj leak is a trickle on some days, a gusher on others, and jenny and her family live just steps away. >> i'm really concerned because when we bring the stroller into the house we're bringing whatever the stroller has touched in the house and the most rekrernt thing it's touched is this intersection. >> an intersection still contaminated with human waste after six months of weekly calls to 311, san francisco water department and the puc. >> i know it must have been very
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frustrating for these residents. >> the city has known about the issue since february but only now are crews getting to work fixing the problem because the sewage flows were intermittent and difficult to diagnose. >> we were out there many times over the past few months trying to get to the root of this problem. that's what the customers don't see. >> something else she says customers don't see, the city's deteriorating infrastructure. >> we have 300 miles of piechs underneath the city streets over a hundred years old. we're starting to see more and more collapses. we have a backlog of urgent issues. >> issues like this that she admits pose a health risk. >> raw sewage in a public area is our responsibility. it's a public health issue. >> yet it was jenny who had to post these signs warning about the toxic waste even though the city admits that's its responsibility and known about the health threat for months. >> i feel like i'm doing their job for them sometimes. >> the crews have finally figured out how to stop the leak but there's no telling how many
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others will face the same frustrating and toxic situation as not even the city seems to know what lies beneath these ageing streets. >> now, the city says its maps were wrong and when crews finally figured out which line the leak was coming from, they say it basically disintegrated. the puc said this leak should be fixed by the end of the week. >> it makes you wonder how many more are under. >> she said many more, countless more. >> fix them all. >> uh-huh. >> all right. thanks. it's been a week since one of the deadliest tornados hit oklahoma and killing 24 and damaging thousands of homes. ed in midst of the devastation, one victim has something to be happy about today. tom bridges received $2,000 for selling his boat before the tornado. after hours of digging and searching in the area where his house once stood, he found the wad of cash under 5 feet of rubble. >> when i found it, i just sat
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down and started crying and they all got around me and prayed for me that i found it. >> bridges lost his cars and home of 19 years in the tornado. he says all he has now are the clothes on his back, a new toothbrush and now a little bit of cash. he plans to use the money to get a pickup truck. that's just it with the tornado could have easily ended up in kansas. >> absolutely. >> or who knows where. >> they've done research projects and that stuff can go 70, 80, 90 miles into and out of the storm. you know, for us a couple rain showers. i know it's a big deal when it comes to timing but really when it comes to impact, we'll all make it, all survive. it does not feel like late may out there, but we are chilly, cloudy. getting clearer on the radar. strongest radar in town looking for even a shower to one little spec heading toward vallejo. all in all things are calming down. the rain fall is just about finished. here is a live loofk over
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oakland and the nimitz freeway. man, that looks like midwinter, doesn't it? you're the warm spot at 66 on memorial day. now, san francisco at 58 is not too rare but koun cord at 62, yeah, that's pretty rare, about 15 degrees below average. oakland 64 and santa rosa currently 61. tell you what, even colder in a few other places. place no. 1, tahoe. sierra at tahoe ski resort, partly cloudy, 60 degrees yesterday, coming ip on june and look at this, it snowed in tahoe at some of the ski resorts this morning and early this afternoon. we will also take you across the country to vermont where the national weather service says 12 inches, a full foot of snowfall hit northern vermont this past weekend making it the most snowfall this late in the season ever. so our weather around here, a little shower, a little chilly, nothing like what's going onto our east. big storm, potent storm. the low pressure area will move into the northwest overnight tonight. we've got a pretty strong on shore flow in its wake. we're going to stay chilly,
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staying below normal through wednesday. after that, big pattern change. low pressure is gone. high pressure moves in. it's strong area of high pressure and temperatures will climb from 10 degrees below normal to 10 to 15 greece above normal. weir going to stay chilly through wednesday, though, with a couple showers possible on wednesday morning, then we warm up. highs 72 for concord, san jose, sunny vail, 70, little bit of late-day sunshine for pleasant hill with a high of 72 and tomorrow another chilly day, only 62 degrees. extended forecast, stay chilly through wednesday and look at that change. by next weekend, we will be in the low 90s away from the water and right around 80 near the bay. if you're a fan of warm weather, we have much-warmer weather by the ebd of this week. >> looks like summer. >> it will feel like summer, yes. a new report finds children who have parents in the military face an increased risk of stress and other issues. how families can prevent that from turning into something worse. that's next. and kpix 5 is the official
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television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. as of now, the countdown to labor day still on. watching and keeping you updated on the progress new eastern span. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cub scouts and girl scouts helped lead memorial day n hayward. the . some bay area scouts also time out today to honor america's fallen. cub scouts and girl scouts helped lead memorial day services in hayward. the ceremony at the chapel of the chimes feechd performances by local veterans as well as live music by a bag pipe band. one vietnam veteran says the change back to civilian life was a difficult one. >> after i came back from vietnam, i kind of changed. i didn't kind of change. i did change. all right. mentally, and i just wanted to get out after coming back and just kind of, like, get away from everything. >> the chapel of the chiems is the final resting place for
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thousands of bay area veterans. well, a new report focuses on stress that the military children face when their parents are deployed. cbs reporter susan mcginnis explains how loved ones can help before it turns into something worse. >> kelsey's dad brad has been in the military since she was an infant. the navy officer is now on his eighth deployment. >> i haven't really known a dad that's not been in the military so it seems really normal to me. >> kelsey is now 23. she and her two brothers grew up worrying and missing him whenever he went overseas. >> it is kind of hard when no one understands what you're going through. >> a new report from the american academy of pediatrics says children whose parents serve during wartime are at an increased risk for social, emotional and behavioral problems. >> we do know that one in four kids that have a loved one who has a war deployment will show
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signs of depression, and one in three will have excessive worry, and about one in two, almost half, will have trouble sleeping. >> during the last ten years, about 2 million children have been separated from a parent on active duty. >> what we know is that some of those effects become more severe the longer that service member has been gone. >> the separation also takes a toll on the care giver at home. >> things are a lot more stressful for that person no matter how good she looks on the outside. >> the skillmans now have another loved one in the military, kelsey's brother sam is a cadet at west point. >> they really love their jobs, and they're doing it for a good purpose. it's just in them. that's just who they are. but they also really love you, too, and they're doing it for you. >> and they cherish the times they're all together. cbs news, washington dc. now, for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> jeff is at the anchor desk in new york.
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>> america pays tribute to those who died in war. plus the largest gathering of vietnam pow tonight on the cbs evening news. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. orlando over the weekend. he jumped out of the water, at . this little guy greeted visitors at sea world in orlando over the weekend. he jumped out of the water at a
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new exhibit. he just wanted to walk around. you can see sea world employees surrounding the little guy and keeping it away from guests until a handler helped it get back into the water. he just want today say hello. >> friendly. new at 6:00 tonight, suicide experts say they're more lethal than firearms. critics are begging for suicide barriers, and tonight we asked why won't the new span of the bay bridge have them. plus. >> i got some compliments on my posture being better than it has been in the past. >> thousand of bay area office workers taking tips from a posture guru. what she says we can learn from babies. those storys and much more tonight at 6:00. xt. . we're going to sit up or stand up straight. >> like mom says. >> feel better already. shoulders back cbs evening nurz. >> see you at 6:00. >> sit up straight.
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>> glor: tonight, high profile visits. john mccain makes a surprise trip to syria in the beginning of what could be a critical period in can t country's civil war. clarissa ward has our story. >> let us never forget as we gather here today that our nation is still at war. >> glor: the president meets with families who lost loved lost lovedhanistan and iraq as ones in afghanistan and iraq as america pays tribute on memorial day. bob orr and michelle miller report. a police officer killed in kentucky after a brazen roadside anna werner on the search for a suspect. and ben tracy with the story of what may be the final reunion of america's largest group of p.o.w.s. >> together we've stepped into the dungeons and we faced the


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